Tell Your Story About:

Big Tech

Have you been canceled online for your views? Do you feel like Big Tech has silenced your speech on one of their platforms?

Border Security

Have you witnessed the Biden Border Crisis firsthand? Have you been affected by illegal immigration or had to alter your daily life due to our unsecured southern border?


Have you been the victim of rising crime due to radical liberals defunding local police? Have you seen policies that are destroying our law enforcement and making our neighborhoods more dangerous?


Has your child been indoctrinated by Critical Race Theory or taught that America is evil? Are your children being taught that they are inherently evil and inferior because of the color of their skin? That the country was founded in 1619 and not 1776?


Have you lost your job or business in the past year due to tyrannical COVID lockdown policies? Are you having problems sustaining your business due to governmental intervention? Are you having problems hiring?


Have you been prevented from receiving medical care or seeing your sick loved ones because of draconian COVID rules? Have you lost access to your doctor or treatment because insurance or government bureaucrats are controlling your healthcare?

Second Amendment

Have you had any problems buying a gun? Did you feel like your Second Amendment rights were hampered in any way?


Are you just fed up with liberal woke policy? We want to hear your story.